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Dr. Lindsay Scherr is from Saskatoon and studied at the University of Saskatchewan.

She received a BSc with Great Distinction in Physiology in 2010, and graduated from the College of Dentistry in 2015.  Dr. Scherr received awards for both academic achievement and student involvement.  For five years Dr. Scherr enjoyed a variety of excellent learning experiences, working as an associate dentist at general dental offices throughout Saskatchewan.

Dr. Scherr likes to have fun at work, and that’s why she created Green Leaf Dental! She believes that when she and her staff are happy and well cared for, that her patients are happy and well cared for, too. Dr. Scherr is thrilled to bring her ideas to life and to share her unique perspective with the people of Saskatoon through Green Leaf Dental.

Our Mission

We have a passion for aesthetic dentistry because a confident and beautiful smile is empowering.

Our Vision

Confident and beautiful smiles that empower people to flourish in all aspects of life.


Reputation, Calling, Beauty, Simplicity, Gratitude

  1. We NEVER take short-cuts; we resolve to do excellent work every time, because our REPUTATION is everything.
  2. We fully invest ourselves every day in the positive experiences we provide for our clients and each other, because we believe what we do is a CALLING.
  3. We make certain that our environment is comfortable, delightful, and pleasing because BEAUTY is vital to us.
  4. We ensure our systems are clear, precise, and streamlined to make every day SIMPLE and enjoyable.
  5. We generously express and practice GRATITUDE.

All Smiles Welcome !

Green Leaf Dental welcomes all people seeking dental care in Saskatoon, SK.

Dr. Scherr began dreaming of her ideal clinic in 2019. She knew she wanted a large space to grow into, with plenty of natural light and windows, in a residential area. Hampton Village was a natural choice as Dr. Scherr grew up in the nearby Dundonald area. Construction began in January of 2020. Although the year 2020 had challenges, Green Leaf Dental proudly opened in July. It has now been serving the Hampton Village community for 3 years. Green Leaf Dental continues to grow and strives to become the very best it can be. Green Leaf Dental expresses gratitude for all patients and staff members, past and present, as it would not be where it is today without them. Thank you all for your continued love and support for Green Leaf Dental!

Green Leaf Dental

Find Your Perfect Smile!

Click the “Request Appointment” button or call 306-382-5323 to schedule your visit! If you’re curious about your first appointment or have other inquiries, give us a call. We’re always eager to assist with your dental queries!

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